On My Mind | August 29, 2022

If you’re reading this, thanks again for stopping by. If you haven’t read my prior “On My Mind” post, then let me brief you. Yes, this blog is predominately where I post my recent recipes and meal ideas. However, I am a writer at heart. I won a writing contest in the 4th grade about the space shuttle Columbia crash, and it was all a go from there. I use these posts as somewhat of a personal journal, and ways to share my life outside of my kitchen. Plus, the main reason is because I simply enjoy it. I hope you do as well!


My daughter just turned 3, and we had a “Three-esta” themed party. There was a bounce house and plenty to do for the kids. I saw on Pinterest a fun activity for kids to paint a terracotta pot, then place a cactus in it for a souvenir. It was so cute, and a big hit. It’s also August in Louisiana, so it was 100 degrees outside so the fans were a must. And for the parents…frozen margaritas. Fun was had by all. 😉

Around the Farm

Literally the farm is so gorgeous. Sometimes, I’ll load up the baby and we will just go riding around. Allen usually starts cutting corn in mid-August. I snapped these photos last week. I don’t get to see Allen much this time of year, because usually his trucking grain to the elevator until after dark. However, sometimes I can catch him in between hauls. Otherwise, I may go out there anyway to bring the men food or let my daughter ride the combine with her uncle.

On My Shopping Radar

One thing that I have noticed to really be popular this past season is quilt/patchwork inspired garments. I’m literally obsessed, and I want them all. Most of the item below are from the brand Sea New York. I actually love all things that brand designs. Plus, a few I found from the designer, Banjanan. I have the shorter version of the third dress. I wore it at the beach this summer. Since then, my sister-in-law has borrowed it, and hasn’t returned it. Ha!

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Recent New Orleans Trip

We travel to New Orleans almost every month. It’s almost like our second home. It almost was our home at one point. My daughter was born with a heart defect, so we go to New Orleans to the doctor. However, this trip was a little different than normal. Since my mother-in-law’s sudden passing last month, I’ve tried so hard to be of any support to my father-in-law, my husband, and his siblings. We are a very close-knit family, so this is very new territory for us. I suppose grief is new territory for everyone. I traveled to NOLA with my father-in-law and my sister-in-law for a medical convention. I would like to think I was there for support. Or maybe just a buffer for sadness?

My father-in-law is also a pilot, so we flew down. The first picture on the left is of the Mississippi River. I think we were somewhere over Natchez, Mississippi. It’s such a treat seeing local landmarks from the sky. The middle is the north side of Lake Ponchartrain. The sun was beginning to go down, and the last part of the flight was so beautiful. The right photo was when we landed. I love a good blue and green contrast landscape.

The Roosevelt

During our stay, we stayed at the Roosevelt. This is a historic hotel close to the French Quarter. It’s within walking distance of all the famous spots like Bourbon Street and Jackson Square. I really don’t ever stay downtown in that area. Mainly because we always have Amelia, and it’s hard to navigate with a child. Also, it’s really touristy and frankly really gross. However, that’s classic New Orleans for you. It was nice to eat at some different places down there and see different sights. Below are pictures I took of the lobby in the Roosevelt. Literally so gorgeous. It’s also a must-see during Christmas time.

My NOLA Favorite

We did break away from downtown for a bit to have dinner at one of our favorite places, Vincent’s! It’s a little dive Uptown close to Tulane and Audubon Park. I know most won’t really think of eating Italian when traveling to New Orleans, but oh my gosh…it’s a must. The building’s not a looker on the outside but it’s so damn good. Plus, it’s not super hard to get into, and there is no dress code. You still get that romantic feel (dim lights, music, etc.), but with a more casual feel. I don’t like places that are super stiff. Our crowd is very loud and rowdy, and typically I always have a toddler. The more chaotic the better. But for this particular trip, I had the chicken carbonara. I’ve had it there before and it was sooo good. It’s a panned chicken breast served classic Carbonara style with garlic, onions, and pancetta. Plus, I love a carbonara with the English peas. It’s a perfect meal. However, you may not be able to walk well after from being so full.

Again, if you’re here, thank you so much for reading. I intend on posting a post such as this at least once a week. Or frankly just when I feel like I have something to say or write about. xoxo Stay tuned!


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