The Farm

I met my husband when I was a sophomore in college. At the time, he was still in school and only farming a couple hundred acres while going to class. I loved escaping to the country to come ride the tractor with him. Fast forward ten-plus years, and here we are. Everything we do revolves around the farm. It’s perfectly cyclical. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter for us are Planting, Watering, Harvest and Off-Season. In case you’re wondering, he farms corn, soybeans, and sometimes rice. Here are some pictures of around his farm.

Turnrow Talk

I’ll be honest, I really did copy my blog name from a couple of guys that work at the farm. (sorry!) They have a series of TikTok videos called “Turnrow Talk” that they have posted during season for the last two years. Most of the time, my husband thinks they are idiots. Haha. We do make fun of them, but I will say that some of their videos are pretty cool! The one posting, Lucas, is one of the farmers I feed on a nightly basis. I’ve linked several of the videos below.